Tara’s Acting Audition

My daughter, Tara Michelle, is a savory chef and she runs our subsidiary, Tara-Peri Chicken. She also occasionally acts. Tara worked in the Los Angeles area for the renown talent agency, CAA (Creative Artists Agency), She also worked for Disney and Nestle. In the Pittsburgh, Pa area, Tara was employed with Williams-Sonoma as a Culinary Expert and Chef. As a result of her experience, you may well notice in addition to health and education — the food, media, and entertainment aspects of our websites.

Tara nailed this video audition as Countess Almeria in a local 1920s film production here in Pittsburgh.

In this clip, Tara decided to also play the role of Countess Almeria’s nemesis, Helene Hoffman Cole, by pre-recording her own voice as that character and playing it back as she shared this fiery exchange with her. Needless to say, the director was blown away and actually wanted to hire both actors—and was stunned that the voice of Helene was also Tara’s.

When asked how in the world she was able to play two distinct characters so convincingly, Tara said—as with her cooking—she simply tapped into her (royal British) ancestry; it was effortless for her. In addition to her African American ethnicity, Tara’s DNA and family tree proves she is also of royal British ancestry. She is a member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). One of her paternal forefathers was proven to have come from royal European descent, and to have arrived in the United States on the Mayflower. Tara holds an English and Humanities Degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a number of Harvard certificates.

After this audition, Tara next worked with Director James Ahearn on an Agatha Christie-inspired film, a rendition of And Then There Were None. Tara was cast as the female counterpart to the legendary Justice Wargrave—an icy, unflappable judge. Unfortunately, the Pandemic shut down production and Tara decided to pivot to exclusively working in the food industry once the Pandemic was over.

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