Nneka Irobunda

Nneka Irobunda

Okay, I know I’ve been posting a lot of music videos. This is because I am hoping to impress upon you the need to move to get and keep your blood sugar levels down. Traditional exercise is not for everyone, just as dance is not for everyone. However. you have to admit that dance can be very entertaining.

I love Nigerian born, Nneka Irobunda’s dancing. She has developed a style of dance that is very fluid. This while she is dancing in stilettos! Professionally trained in college, she says it took her 6 years to develop her style, but can teach others in 3 years. She dances, has several dance studios in New York, LA and Nigeria, and offers choreography. Her choreography is sought after world-wide and she has worked with Missy Elliot and performed at the Grammys with Cardi B.

Nneka’s dance videos and choreography can be found on YouTube under her name, and also on Instagram under the handle Delacyn.

Nneka dances in the first frame of this video. She is in the center with the light blue pants. The dancers in the rest of the video are her students.

I have to mention the musical artist who sings in both of Nneka’s videos. He is Nigerian singer, Rema. When I first saw his official music video, “Lady:” I was shocked! He looked to be twelve years old! I understand these two songs were released a couple years ago. Rema turns 21 this year. I read he first came to the attention of the US public when one of his songs was included in former President Obama’s 2019 summer playlist. He has a very bright future, I’m sure you agree!

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