Be sure to visit my friend, Max Szadek’s, website Divabetic!

Max was the long-time personal assistant to the late R&B legend, Luther Vandross. Luther died of a stroke brought on by diabetes. Luther’s life and death made a huge impact on Max; his organization was inspired by Luther and women living with diabetes.

I remember when Max would host these huge, absolutely free diabetes extravaganzas around the country—complete with speakers, entertainment, food, fashion shows, makeup artists, music, exercise and anything else you could want or imagine. Tens of thousands of women nationwide attended these events.

Max believed women with diabetes did not have to see themselves as overweight and frumpy; his work helped change the image and perception of women living with diabetes. Shout out to my friend, Max! I know Luther is proud.

The Divabetic website has a number of entertaining Diabetes Mystery Podcasts, plenty of music, recipes, a blog, etc. Singer, Patti LaBelle, whom is a Type 2 diabetic and was a close friend of Luther Vandross, tells the world she’s a Divabetic.

Regarding the video—like many of you, I remember these ubiquitous, monstrous boombox radios with their cassette players. I even had a few myself, though I never sported them in public. Lol!

Please support this amazing nonprofit organization.

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