Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Recipe by The Diabetic Pastry Chef

Other Diabetic-Friendly Desserts

Other desserts besides pastries I enjoy are:

– Sugar-free Jell-O® with whipped cream
– Sugar-free puddings with whipped cream
– No-sugar-added ice cream with chocolate sauce (see recipe below)

Chocolate Sauce

1 c Hershey’s® cocoa (unsweetened)
2 c Whey Low® Type D Granular
1 1/4 c hot water
dash of salt
2 tsps vanilla

In saucepan, combine first four ingredients. Bring to boil and boil for 3 minutes until thickened. Add vanilla and stir. Serve warm over ice cream. Store in refrigerator.

I like to serve the chocolate sauce warm over ice cream topped with nuts and whipped cream.