Portioned Desserts

Portioned desserts are easy to identify, because they are portioned into single serving sizes during preparation. Examples would be a cookie, cupcake, tartlet, a pudding baked in a ramekin versus a cake, a pie, or a pudding baked in a casserole dish. 

When presented with a whole cake, pie or pudding casserole it is difficult to determine the correct size to portion, which all too often results in taking a bit too much. Over time, this can contribute to weight gain and heightened A1C levels in those with diabetes. Instantly it can adversely raise glucose levels. A solution to this could very well be portioned desserts, for portioned desserts can be tailored to not exceed diabetic nutritional guidelines per one portioned serving.

As a diabetic, I have on many occasions gazed longingly at a rich decadent dessert in a pastry shop or cookbook, knowing just from the appearance of the dessert, the carb count would be much too high for me. One day I came to the realization that I could eat virtually any dessert if I could prepare it myself, and work at lowering the carb count, as well as the portion size.  A cake could become a cupcake, cakelet, petit four, cake pop or truffle.  A pie could become a tartlet, mini-pie, hand pie or tassie. No dessert would ever be out of bounds to me again, as long as I personally baked or prepared it using the aforementioned guidelines.