Step Into Your Miracle!

I can’t begin to tell you what engaging, upbeat music does to my soul, mental and physical health. I find it almost impossible to sit still when I hear the beat of a good (to me) song. Dancing is my favorite form of exercise.

I can use dancing to quickly lower my blood sugar when necessary, too. If I notice my glucose levels are too high, I sometimes will grab a glass of ice water to drink and will dance to a couple of upbeat songs. If I don’t feel like dancing, it works just as well if I march with my arms swinging to the beat of a couple of average length upbeat songs.

Drinking ice water is an important component of this process, too. It’s the combination of the ice water with the movement that works wonders for me. Within 30 minutes of doing this, I generally have my blood glucose levels return to normal range. I’ve been using this technique successfully for years.

Found this video to be uplifting. (Of course, the video is best viewed as a full screen.)

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