What is This Blog About?

This is a personal lifestyle and public blog that is centered on diabetes. The onset of COVID-19 and postal delays caused me to temporarily close my sugar-free bakery, The Diabetic Pastry Chef. This in turn led me to change the focus of my blog. I now share my personal life, thoughts and musings, sugar-free recipes, informational diabetes-related articles and videos; my spirituality, music choices etc. I hope you will find points of interest to you as you await the official reopening of my sugar-free bakery.

In the meantime, you can find many of my items for local Pittsburgh delivery at https://taraperichicken.com. Tara-Peri Chicken is a subsidiary of The Diabetic Pastry Chef. It is named after my daughter, Tara, a savory chef who formerly worked for Williams-Sonoma in the capacity of chef and culinary expert. Tara-Peri Chicken is a delivery only restaurant in the Pittsburgh area where we do next day delivery. A lot of my sugar-free desserts are found on the site as well as savory items prepared by Tara. Tara’s specialty is Peri-Peri Chicken, a dish prepared with African birdseye chilies . It is a flavorful, spicy dish popular in Mozambique and Portugal.

This blog is of course as I just mentioned, heavy on diabetes information, food, art, music, dance and exercise. I have a love for the arts and have always appreciated and dabbled in it, mainly concentrating on writing, food and design. I am a recipient of the Parents Choice Gold Award for a multi-cultural, educational toy I designed for children. I entered the competition on a whim and was shocked I actually won such a coveted prize! I love designing all sorts of things including food, this blog, home interiors etc. I collect art and books, do a little bit of acting, and I love to listen to music and watch and participate in dance, even though I don’t dance very well. Lol! But I reason, music can lift your mood, and dance and exercise are good for keeping the blood sugar down.

I also enjoy conceptualizing, coming up with formulas, and sharing helpful information I come upon with others. Diabetes is a tough disease, I want to do whatever I can to help myself and others to navigate this perilous quagmire. If I had to articulate what I am doing as a whole with this blog, I would say I am trying to make some sort of social change here. Through food and health, diversity and inclusiveness, art, music, video, the written word, and spirituality. I’m trying to do my small part in improving the health of the people inhabiting our planet. I hope you enjoy your time here!


Photo of me taken 10 years ago. I like to date my photos, so you don’t one day see me in real time and think, what happened??? (Lol)! So now if you do have that thought, know that TIME is what happened!

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