Max Szadek from is also a Song Writer and Producer!

I’m sure most of you are familiar by now with my friend, Max Szadek the owner of Divabetic, as he sponsors all of my Zoom parties. As you may remember, Max was the personal assistant to the late great singer, Luther Vandross. He started Divabetic as a tribute to Luther who died of complications related to diabetes. Divabetic helps to empower women living with the many devastating effects of diabetes. Well unbeknownst to many of you, Max who demonstrates his theatre background on his blog, has also written and helped produce several songs of his own. He is a very creative individual.

Below are two of the songs Max Szadek has worked on, Mama’s Kitchen Table, which he helped write about 20 years ago and just released through happenstance in the UK, has already climbed to #20 on the UK Soul Charts as of today. This was Luther Vandross’s band and backup singers.

Max has also recently helped produce a remake of an old Luther Vandross’s song, Take You Out. He helped remake Take You Out into Take You Out Cautiously, released during the throes of the COVID Pandemic. You’ll notice the actors are wearing masks. Let’s give a hand to the talents of Max Szadek and his co-creators!

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