The Best Keto Meal Plans

The Best Keto Meal Plans

These Keto meal delivery plans could be very helpful to someone who cannot trust themselves to consistently make the right choices for their health.

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The best keto meal delivery for 2022

These are the best low-carb meal subscriptions to make keeping keto as simple as ever.

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David WatskyDec. 30, 2021 6:00 a.m. PT

If you want keto meals delivered for a no-fuss, no-carb life, there are loads of meal delivery subscription options with nary a potato in sight. Making the keto diet delicious takes some effort and planning but these experts have it down to a science with food plans so good you won’t even miss those crispy fries. OK, maybe a little. I mean, they are fries for goddsakes. 

Keto living generally means cutting carbs way down or completely from your diet, which isn’t easy, but it can be made easier if you get one of these tasty low-carb, keto meal delivery services to send protein-packed meals to pop in the fridge or freezer. It’ll remove all that pesky temptation and help you finally nail that low-carb diet in 2022. Finding a great keto meal delivery service means a lot of trial and error: Trust me, they’re not all good. Heck, they’re not even all edible. If you want to know the absolute best keto meal delivery subscriptions, stick with me because I’ve tried all the leading contenders. From the paleo-friendly to the plant-based, we tested and tasted to find the absolute best keto meal delivery in 2022.

The keto diet plan remains as popular as any other known for fast results (and all-you-can-eat bacon), and that means an abundance of low-carb and carb-free options. Subscribing to one of these services can also introduce you to some new recipes. Since most of them can be frozen meals, they’ll work with unpredictable schedules. You’ll get fresh or frozen meals sent to your door when there’s no time to cook. 

But I mean it when I say that some of them are virtually inedible. So be wary and keep reading.

What is the keto diet?

Keto (short for ketogenic) started as something of a fad diet decades ago and was then commonly referred to as the Atkins Plan or South Beach Diet. People are drawn to keto — and other low-carb programs — for many reasons, from wanting to limit their total carb count for weight loss or upping their protein intake to help in building muscle or for training purposes. As such, many delivery services now cater to the keto diet. In fact, some of the most popular meal kit services, including Home Chef and Green Chef, have low-carb meal plans with as many as eight or nine keto menu options to choose from each week. If you don’t want to cook at all, there are more meal delivery services that will deliver ready-to-eat keto and paleo meals via weekly subscription or one-time order.

What are the different kinds of keto meal delivery?

Not all low-carb meals are created equal, however, so I’ve tried a few of the most popular keto plans to separate the delicious meals from the tragic. Whether you’re trying to eat keto and organic or you’re keen on low-carb versions of comfort food classics made with fresh ingredients, there’s a healthy, tailored meal delivery service out there for you. There are also paleo-friendly meal services that can work for the keto diet, and keto meal plans with lots of vegetarian options (although this is a trickier needle to thread since meat is the most obvious source of protein.) Having tried all of the keto meal kits on this list — and many more, I might add — I’ve determined the best keto meal delivery to keep your low-carb lifestyle in good order while allowing you to enjoy more than just grilled chicken and veggies.

And if you’re unsure about trying a keto meal kit service or aren’t jazzed about committing to a subscription, know that all these companies allow you to pause or cancel your meal plan at any time. Some offer a one-time order to avoid the subscription altogether. Many of these services have enticing trial discounts and new customer sign-up offers too, so there’s not much standing between you and some affordable keto options.

We’ll continue to update this list periodically as we try new keto-friendly meal delivery services.

Fresh N’ Lean

Yes, grammar nerds will tell you it should be “Fresh ‘n’ Lean.” But if you can get past that missing apostrophe, I can tell you this: Fresh n’ Lean is the best keto meal delivery service I’ve tried. Period. The healthy food was not only well prepared but it looked appetizing and wasn’t overly expensive. Luckily for those looking for low-carb diet meals with lots of protein and healthy fats, Fresh n’ Lean offers keto meal plans and that food was just as good.

You don’t have to just eat keto with this service, however. With Fresh n’ Lean, you can opt for either a standard low-carb or low-carb vegan meal plan and choose from as many as 13 meals per week. Some of the creative keto diet-friendly entrees you’ll find with this meal service include an almond crusted cod over cherry tomatoes and olives, tender beef stroganoff with mushrooms and asparagus or a beanless chili con carne with cauliflower. 

Pricing for Fresh n’ Lean’s keto plans start at about $10 a meal. If it’s tasty, high-quality, low-carb food for your ketogenic diet you’re after, Fresh n’ Lean is my clear pick.

Keto meals per week: 15

Fresh n’ Lean pricing: Meals are between $10 and $14 depending on the plan.SEE AT FRESH N’ LEANBest keto meal kit serviceHome Chef

Home Chef

If you’re looking to make keto dinners at home, Home Chef has the most flexible meal kits of any service we tried and that makes it an excellent choice for those keeping to a low-carb keto diet. 

Home Chef’s Carb Conscious meal plan starts at about $8.99 per serving and you’ll have as many as seven meals to pick from each week for the standard plan, plus a few Culinary Collection meals you can add for an additional cost. Most Home Chef meals are wholesome and hearty but not overly complicated and some their keto recipes take as little as 25 minutes to cook.

One great feature Home Chef offers is that you can swap or double the protein in any meal and since keto diet followers are all about that protein, it makes finding the right low-carb meals each week that much easier. As if that wasn’t enough, Home Chef also has oven-ready keto-friendly meal options like sesame chicken and with cilantro lime broccoli that require almost no chopping or prep. Just assemble the ingredients in a provided baking tin and have fresh keto meals ready 30 or 40 minutes later. 

Keto-friendly meals per week: 7 standard (plus 3 to 4 premium meals)

Home Chef Pricing: Meal plans start at $8.99 per serving. Two meals for two people is about $36 per week, plus shipping. 

Read our Home Chef review.SEE AT HOME CHEFBest keto meal kit delivery for organic eatersGreen Chef

Green Chef

Green Chef is one of the healthiest meal kit delivery services and caters to an array of designer diets including a keto meal plan for folks looking to cut carbs. With a Green Chef meal kit subscription, you’ll find creative keto meal kits such as creamy chicken alfredo with spaghetti squash noodles or za’atar-spiced fried cheese over cauliflower couscous.

These inventive recipes coupled with Green Chef’s high-quality, mostly-organic ingredients make for a higher price tag. The Keto or Paleo meal plans start at around $11.49 per serving when you order four meal kits per week with four or more servings per meal. Order fewer meals and things get even pricier, but if you want low-carb meals to make at home and eating organic is important to you, Green Chef is the best option for a delicious keto meal.

Keto-friendly meals kits per week: 9

Green Chef pricing: Keto and paleo meal kit plans are roughly $13 per serving.

Read our Green Chef review.SEE AT GREEN CHEFBest keto meal delivery for vegetariansFresh n’ Lean

Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n’ Lean takes this category too and it’s the only service that I liked with a low-carb vegan meal plan. You’ll get to choose from low-carb, plant-based meals including bolognese vegetables, cream of broccoli soup and and chimichurri vegetables. 

In all honestly, if I were vegan and trying to eat keto (no easy task), I would probably do a lot of cooking at home because the meal delivery pickings are a bit slim, but if you’re craving some easy meal delivery, give Fresh n’ Lean a crack.

Pricing for Fresh n’ Lean’s vegan keto plans start at about $10 a meal. If it’s tasty, high-quality, low-carb food for your ketogenic diet you’re after, Fresh n’ Lean is my clear pick.SEE AT FRESH N’ LEANBest paleo meal delivery (with keto options)Pete’s Paleo

Pete’s Paleo

The paleo and keto diets have a lot in common, but there are some important distinctions too. If you’re more inclined to keep to a paleo plan that allows for healthy foods that may also have a high carb count, like carrots and sweet potatoes, then I’d recommend Pete’s Paleo. You can still order plenty of low-carb, keto-friendly meals through Pete’s Paleo, but it’s not the foundational diet plan for this meal delivery service. 

I tried several of the service’s healthy options loaded with protein and healthy fats and I was entirely impressed. A slow-cooked pork shoulder with sweet potatoes and celery was tender, with great flavor. Another win was the moist Mediterranean chicken thigh dinner with salty olives, served alongside spaghetti squash and cauliflower. This is definitely thoughtfully prepared and healthy food made with quality paleo-friendly ingredients. 

Keto/Paleo-friendly meals per week: 20-25

Pricing: Pricing is a bit complicated and you have several options, including a one-time order of 10 a la carte meals for $121 with Pete’s Keto bundle (currently sold out). That seems like the most cost-effective option, but you also can subscribe and get five meals for $98, 10 meals for $191 or 14 meals for $251.SEE AT PETE’S PALEOBest budget keto meal deliveryFreshlyFit


FreshlyFit is the healthier offshoot of popular meal delivery service Freshly — which I also reviewed recently. FreshlyFit features tasty keto and paleo-friendly meals are available for as little as $11.79 a meal when you order 12 meals a week. Even a meal plan with just six meals a week is still less than $10 a meal, making FreshlyFit a great budget pick for anyone looking for healthy keto meals delivered on the regular. 

While I didn’t love everything I tried from FreshlyFit’s keto plan, most meals were pretty solid. You’ll find keto versions of comfort foods such as shepherd’s pie with cauliflower mash. I also had a very flavorful chicken with pesto cream sauce and mushrooms and a bison burger with sauteed vegetables that I enjoyed. 

One thing to like about FreshlyFit is a rotating menu of 23 keto-friendly meals to choose from each week which should keep you from getting bored. Note that steak and other beef entrees generally incur an added cost of $2 to $3 a meal.

Keto-friendly meals per week: 23

FreshlyFit pricing: Plans start at $11.79 per meal.SEE AT FRESHLY FIT