A Day in My Life

After years of trying to cultivate an image of The Diabetic Pastry Chef being a cool, calm, sophisticated brand image, my daughter Tara has convinced me to show you the real, behind the scenes glimpse of who I am.

She texted me frankly, “You’re old now, who cares?!”

Well, a little over a week ago when I was lamenting turning 70, she spent the better part of the day convincing me I wasn’t old, that I am still young. So, I still care!

Yesterday morning I entered the kitchen dancing while Tara was listening to some South African amapiano music while cooking up a storm. (I love to dance, and dance all the time.) She has always found my dancing to be hysterical and laughs all the time!

I redeemed myself later, though, when I baked a sugar-free banana-nut bread in a pullman loaf pan. Tara made a fantastic meal of curried chicken, brothy couscous and roasted herbed zucchini and peppers and showcased her cooking skills on her Instagram page. (Note: My daughter is not diabetic.)

So, friends, this is a typical day in my life; now you have no more illusions.

Just waiting for Dancing with the Stars to call!

Tara’s Curry Chicken
Tara’s Curry Chicken, Brothy Couscous and Roasted Veggies with Mango Chutney
My Sugar-Free Banana-Nut Bread
Loving that amapiano beat!

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