Diabetes and the Vietnam War

Diabetes and the Vietnam War

This song by Uk artist, Paul Hardcastle, is dedicated to the US casualties and victims of the Vietnam War. My second husband, my late husband, Rick was a victim of Agent Orange, an herbicide and defoliant chemical sprayed over an enormous area of Vietnam during wartime. The Vietnam government says up to four million people were exposed to the defoliant, and as many as three million people have suffered illness because of Agent Orange. One of the many illnesses attributed to Agent Orange is Type 2 diabetes. A quick google can explain this in more detail.

My late husband, Rick, developed Type 2 diabetes as a result of his Vietnam tour. This led to an amputation, kidney disease, and dialysis, which eventually led to his demise. I am now the widow of a 100% disabled veteran. Many people living today are unaware of the correlation between the onset of Type 2 diabetes and the Vietnam War. This includes Vietnam veterans with diabetes who are not aware they are entitled to compensation from the US Govt for their diabetes, which may have developed many years after the war.

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