God Talks to Me!

God Talks to Me!

I wrote this several years ago as a movie treatment after actually visiting a similar site to, God Talks to Me on the Internet. Never tried to market it though. Thought I would add it to my blog. Hope you enjoy it.


Lianna James, a middle-aged writer, is diabetic, overweight, out of work, out of funds and lonely. She is depressed and wonders about her purpose. She goes online searching prayer request sites to ask others to pray for her plight.  She is desperate and will take prayers from anyone.  She does not care if they are Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, shamans, psychics what have you, she is desperate.  On one of the more esoteric sites she clicks on a link that takes her to a site titled, God Talks To Me.  A message on the site says she was specifically led to this site, because God wants to talk to her, and he has wondrous plans for her life. She was chosen to do great things and God will reveal the plan to her soon.  She thinks, “Yeah right”!

Still she continues reading the message on the site which says to follow the instructions as to how to communicate with God.  The message wraps up with a sales message suggesting she buy a book titled, God Talks To Me.  Chagrined, she thinks this was all just a sales pitch for their book. Still a bit stunned, she takes a moment to think,” although it is unlikely, what if there is some truth to this message”?  Reading throughout the entire site, her mind begins to wrestle with her,  “what if  it were true”? The site does make it sound convincing.  But she is just an ordinary person struggling to pay her bills. Ridiculous! She laughs as she thinks,  “this would make a hilarious episode for a sitcom”.  She envisions a comedic actor landing on the site who believes he’s been chosen to save the world. She chuckles, cuts off the computer, and goes to bed.

The next morning Lianna awakes thinking about the site and returns to it. She finds herself returning to the site again and again.

Lianna’s daughter Char, is attempting to do great things with her life, so Lianna sends her a link to the site.  At first Char is also intrigued, but cannot get the audio meditation to work.  She thinks about it, but decides the whole thing is a fraud, a site that lures people to buy their book. She conveys her feelings to her mom.  Lianna is disappointed as she had hoped her daughter would see the value in the website.

Lianna continues to go on the site, she buys the book and practices the exercises.  She feels she has contacted God briefly and confirms it with her Bible.  She still however has the same problems, nothing has changed in her life. She begins an up and down cycle.  One minute she thinks maybe God wants me to do great things, and the next she shoots it down thinking, I can’t even do little things right let alone big things! She is up and down, up and down and continues to cycle. Her daughter is beginning to worry about her. The site reads God wants her to submit her will and will require her to do something she won’t want to do.  In exchange for submitting her will and furthering God’s kingdom, she’ll be rewarded with good health, spiritual and financial riches.

Lianna goes to the grocery store and meets an attractive guy who is quite a bit younger than her (by twenty-three years). She invites him to her home and her daughter is really worried now.

Lianna continues to try to communicate with God, but hears nothing now, although the site said she would have more and more back and forth conversations with God.  She becomes distraught and begins to cry.  She begs and pleads with God to communicate with her.  She thinks, “Well maybe he wants to communicate with me in other ways”.  She starts to look for signs in everything and her logic becomes distorted.  She starts having horrible nightmares.  The website says she is to look for a spiritual partner who is more advanced than her. She is writing all of this down in her journal. Insanity continues.   She spirals out of control, and her daughter is forced to commit her to a psychiatric hospital.  Lianna feels as though both God and the devil are battling for her soul.

Lianna recovers and is released from the hospital. She has lost her excess weight and her blood sugar levels have normalized. However, she is bitter about her experience, and decides to write a book to expose the danger of believing in such websites.  The book garners good reviews and Lianna is invited to appear on a major television talk show. She flies to New York where two female PR employees of the tv show meet her at the airport to brief her on how she should appear.   Heavy snow is falling. 

They arrive at the hotel and have dinner.  The weather is now too bad for the two women to drive to their respective homes.  The hotel is full due to the inclement weather, and the two women have to share a room with Lianna.  Thank God she has double beds in her room.  The hotel sends up an additional rollaway bed.

All of the women go to sleep.  During the night the room is filled with a blinding white light, which wakes up the two women. They are confused and don’t know what to make of it. They cannot deny what they are seeing.  They call out to Lianna who appears to be in some sort of trance. God is talking to Lianna.

The next morning the women are shaken.  Lianna looks at them and tells them God was speaking to her.  The women nervously look at each other and warn Lianna not to speak of this. The snow storm is over and the main roads are passable.  They get in the car and head towards the television station. 

Lianna is panicked as she is supposed to discuss her book and warn the public about harmful websites such as God Talks To Me. Yet God just spoke to her just as the website stated he would.

It is time to begin the show and Lianna walks out onto the stage.  She opens her mouth and nothing comes out. She begins to speak and hesitantly says, “God talks to me”.  She gives a speech that is the opposite of the premise of her book. Everyone is looking at her like she is crazy. The host is looking embarrassed. She becomes a laughingstock.  There is much controversy over her stance. People bring up the fact that she spent time in a mental hospital. Some say this has to be a publicity stunt. The press has a field day. People become curious about her and the book, they rush out to buy copies. Everyone wants to interview her. This catapults her book onto the bestseller list. Some people read the book and are converted after believing God really did speak to Lianna in the end, and others dismiss the book saying Lianna is looney. All of this keeps her book on the bestseller list for quite some time. Meanwhile God’s audience is growing. More and more people are visiting the site, God Talks To Me to have a look.

 Lianna realizes God made good on his promises. She helped to expand his territory and as a result, she became more spiritual, gained a new confidant, and became healthy and wealthy beyond her wildest dreams. 


Stacey Harris 

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