There are two music videos featured here. The first is Justin Bieber singing Essence. The second is of Nigerian singers, Tem and WizKid singing Essence. There is actually another video online of the three artists singing and performing the song together, but I opted not to include that video, as I felt the female dancers in that video were a little too sexualized. Hey I’m old and I have some standards! Lol! So, this post has the videos separated into two. Sorry.

By the way, shout out to Justin Bieber for just winning the 2021 Artist of the Year Award, MTV VMAs! He is such a talented, kind, compassionate individual. I really like him.

Why is this song even here on this blog? Well, my daughter, Tara is getting married next month, and we need some romantic/sultry music for her reception playlist. I selected this score after hearing it a couple of times, and thought you would like it too. I hope I’m right!

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