20-Minute Male Workout for Beginners

20-Minute Male Workout for Beginners

Some of the YouTube viewer’s comments for this workout video, which is supposed to be a beginner’s workout are hilarious! Lol!

“Lets say you can not do one push up”. Yes, lets say that 😀

“since this is beginner let’s say I can only do 30” lmaoooo I can’t even do one. And I’m doing the girl push up.

A lesson learned never judge a video by its minutes :’)

Hell yeah man, i lost 40 pounds watching you, keep it up

How many times do I have to watch before I lose weight?

BRUH after 17 min I saw my grandma

i paused the video so that he could rest.

I accidently slept during the rest break and woke 1 hour later

I’m really good at this part called “REST BREAK”. Hope I did it properly

I need the beginners version of this beginners version

I wrote this during the 15 second break, tell my family I love them.

I’m convinced that this workout kills people because loads of people say that they update their results and disappear

Me: Starts working out. My heart: If you don’t stop, I will

See I know I’m progressing because after a few days I can finally do the first 30 seconds!

I got up off the floor thinking he punched the camera when the video ended and I was like “Waaaittt I didn’t get punched.”

What wheelchair brand do u recommend after this

I’ve never been so happy to see ads.

Me upon finishing: That wasn’t so bad. Me 20 min later: Anybody seen that old wheel chair?!

how da hell is this for beginners? remake this video with overweight and obese people….

I just did this, and I died. I am reporting from the afterlife. Everybody here has beer guts, and they’re super happy. Glad to be here! Thanks Bullyjuice!

Stop checking the comments and get back to working out

I’ve learned the best thing to do on workout videos like this is to not read the comments . just click on it. do it and log off 💪# no distractions

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