Mexican Workout

Mexican Workout

This video is listed on YouTube as a Mexican Workout. Not entirely accurate, but close enough! The song titled, Mi Gente means “my people” and is sung mostly in Spanish with an Afro-Latinx beat. The dancers are comprised of various ethnicities. The artists are Willy William, who is French, J Balvin, Colombian, and US of Creole and African descent, Beyonce. As fellow human beings, we are all around the world known as “my people”.

I continually present these music and workout videos in an effort to get us up and moving, in order to get our blood sugar levels to lower. My audience is diverse consisting of different types of diabetes, different ages, genders, body shapes and sizes, races and ethnicities. and from different countries around the world. What we all have in common on this blog is Diabetes. We are all trying to manage it.

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