Don’t Rush!

Don’t Rush!

I really prefer the rap version of this song, but the lyrics aren’t very clean. So, Tara said grandmas should listen to this instrumental version. And she’s right!

The beat is very strong and not too fast. Perfect for getting you to move enough to get your blood glucose levels down. Even if you are on dialysis like my late husband, or in a wheelchair you can move. You can move your heels up and down to the beat, put your hands on your knees and move your shoulders up and down. Or, roll your fists like a boxer and rhythmically punch into the air along with the beat. “Don’t Rush” and you’ll be okay.

I’m adding a short video with short lyrics, so you can see a bit of choreography to the song. Because of the exceptional beat, it is a great song to dance to. The two music artists are both from the UK. One is of Jamaican descent and the other Nigerian.

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