Help Diabetes Research and Get Paid to Do It!

Help Diabetes Research and Get Paid to Do It!

There is a whole industry of diabetes research where researchers continually need paid volunteers to assist them. There are clinical trials, medical research studies, patient advisory boards, and surveys seeking paid volunteers. New ones are constantly being added. This is a win win situation. You are assisting research that can help you and others in the future while you are presently being monetarily paid. My personal experience shows one can easily earn several thousand dollars a year while helping.

How do you find these opportunities? Visit the websites of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture diabetes drugs such as Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk and search for “clinical trials”. Visit your local hospital’s website and search for “research studies”. Visit NIH’s website for a huge list of current medical studies seeking volunteers. Google “local medical research studies”. Google “diabetes research studies”. Visit the following link to get started:

Be aware of all risks. Typically the higher paying studies come with a much higher risk to your health. If a company is offering say $12,000, be sure to read and understand the fine print. YouTube has a number of videos discussing what is involved in medical research studies. One woman states she made $7,000 in 3 weeks doing a medical research study. If a study appeals to you but is not local and involves a hospital stay, if it pays enough you might decide to travel to the study location.

Most studies pay a lot less than $7,000.The studies I have participated in typically pay in the hundreds of dollars and don’t involve a lot of risk.

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