Meet Lalit

Lalit (Lah-LEET; ललित; Hindi for “beautiful”)

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Okay, I’ll admit I am not much of a cat person; but my daughter Tara recently adopted two rescue kittens (tabbies).

I have to admit, they are beginning to grow on me. Especially Lalit, whom we’ve had the longest. (Though she only pays attention to me when I’m eating something she thinks she might enjoy, too. The smell of braised lamb drives that girl insane!) Lalit is the oldest, is now about a year and a half old, and is distinguishable by her white collar and cute white “socks.”

Baban (Bah-BAHN; विजेता; Hindi for “winner”) is now about six months-old and has exotic tufts of fur at the points of his ears (Lynx tips) and the face structure of a small tiger. He is still very much a baby and is predictably getting into everything, which sometimes tests my nerves. Lol.

Today, I’m posting pics of Lalit. Tomorrow, I will post pics of mischievous Baban.

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