Meet My Daughter

Meet my talented daughter, Tara Michelle!

Tara is also a chef, most recently working as a Chef & Culinary Expert at Williams-Sonoma in Pittsburgh and previously as a Corporate Caterer at La Prima Food Group, Inc. in the Washington, D.C. area. She has been very instrumental in helping me run The Diabetic Pastry Chef business.

Tara has earned a bachelor’s degree in Humanities, English and Communication, is pursuing further education and also enjoys acting. She is the family historian and an avid genealogist.

In this particular photo, I think Tara looks like Coretta Scott King, as she’s a natural actress and chameleon, and her looks and mannerisms can change from day to day. She’s uniquely entertaining; around the house, Tara is spontaneously goofy and keeps me in absolute stitches!

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