Beginning of it all…

Beginning of it all…

I posted my techniques, formulas and recipes on a diabetic Internet forum, where they were so well-received and popular, I decided to devote an entire blog to my experiments and results. This is all in an effort to help my fellow diabetics learn to bake, enjoy, and not fear eating yummy homemade goodies.

The original thread that started it all is found here:

Through trial and error, I have developed a formula that produces tasty and healthier (than the original version) homemade sweets and desserts for diabetics.

My techniques and formulas lessen (but not always eliminate!) sugar, “bad” carbs and saturated fats, while maintaining the satisfying tastes and flavors of your original recipes.  My approach is about the REDUCTION of the less healthful aspects of recipes; not the total elimination of them.

I promise to teach you how to bake treats that not only you will enjoy, but your whole family will, as well.

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