Juicing – It’s That Time of Year Again!

In the spring and summer, we (my family) get busy juicing our morning meal. We love the health benefits juicing provides. Juicing gives us added energy and stamina, is good for nourishing our organs including our largest organ, our skin, and boosts our immunity; not to mention, a host of other additional benefits juicing provides.

My daughter, Tara, does the actual juicing in our household and she always provides me with a green juice, made with a combination of mostly greens with some other beneficial veggies, fruits, herbs, and berries thrown in. I get a green juice because juices made with green-colored fruits and vegetables do not adversely affect my blood sugar levels. I never get the same exact juice, as the juice is always dependent on what we currently have on hand. I sometimes detect onion, garlic, or ginger in the smell, taste, and flavor. I’m a veggie lover, so I’m almost always satisfied with the juice she presents me.

I recently read an article about the health benefits of drinking tomato juice for diabetes, so we’ll probably start juicing tomatoes for me soon. Australian researchers recently reported from a study that, drinking tomato juice everyday reduced the blood’s clotting ability in Type 2 diabetics. Tomatoes are also said to be full of nutrients like lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that helps in repairing cells, improving heart health, and reducing the risk of strokes. Reducing blood clotting ability helps with stroke prevention. In addition, tomatoes have a low glycemic index. Approximately 100 grams of tomatoes have a glycemic index of 23. Tomatoes are a healthy diabetic-friendly fruit.

The photos provided are of actual juices my daughter made for the 3 of us. My juice is of course the “green juice”.