10 Early Signs of Diabetes

I remember what was happening to my body around the time I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was often thirsty and I drank a lot of beverages. I would go to the bathroom often, including several times during the night, and I was often tired. And don’t let me order a Big Mac Meal from McDonalds! I would become drowsy or fall asleep shortly after consuming the meal, every time. I never connected the dots though to think this could be diabetes. This was because I was unaware of the symptoms of diabetes. I wish more people had this knowledge beforehand. Many of my family members had or had succumbed to diabetes, but no one ever talked about the troubling symptoms. I get this is not a subject for polite conversations, but I feel it should be shared amongst family members because diabetes is often hereditary, and this information could be of immense help to your loved ones.

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