Big God – Tim Godfrey – Nigerian Gospel

If you ask Google, why do humans believe in God, this is the answer you get:

The quick and easy answer to why people are religious is that god – in whichever form you believe he/she/they take(s) – is real and people believe because they communicate with it and perceive evidence of its involvement in the world. Dec 31, 2018

What did I think of this video? Oh wow! I’m pretty attuned to spirit. I know spirit can respond mightily to music, beat, rhythm and song. Music can bring forth spirit, both good and bad. When I first began to listen to this particular video, I thought nice beat! I noted the video was approximately eleven minutes in length and I thought to myself, there is no way this video is going to go on for approximately eleven minutes with this music, chorus, and beat without invoking spirit into their house of worship. I just knew.

The song was rhythmic and moving of course, but around the halfway mark the score began to rise and as the singers began to jump, the camera panned to the stage floor, where you could see the floor begin to reverberate from the bounce weight. That’s when I knew things were about to change. Shortly thereafter, the beat and tempo changed and for lack of a better vernacular, a soul train dance line began to form. That is when spirit made itself known. You could see it in their faces and bodies and I could feel it in my soul halfway around the world. I loved the video.