The Diabetic Pastry Chef™

Two-Ingredient Cake Recipes

A recent post on a homemaking forum I belong to reminded me about the two-ingredient cake mix desserts. I was first introduced to these recipes through Weight Watchers®. These are great for diabetics because the recipes omit the eggs and oil that are typically needed to bake a cake. Try the new reduced-sugar cake mixes from Pillsbury® with these recipes and you’ll really do your body a favor. These recipes work well for low-carbers and non-diabetics also, so feel free to serve these to your friends or whole family!

1. My favorite recipe is to take an angel food cake mix and add an undrained 20 oz. can of crushed pineapple. Do not add anything else. Mix well with a large spoon and follow package directions for baking. This is great topped with sugar-free whipped cream or frozen whipped topping.

2. Take a (18.25-oz) box of spice cake mix and add 1 (15 oz) can pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie mix). Mix and spread in a 9×13-in pan and bake according to package directions.

* This recipe can be found at Be sure to read the reviews for tips!      

3. Take a (18.25-oz) box of dark chocolate cake mix and add exactly 10 ozs. of Diet Coke® or diet root beer. Mix well and pour into a 9×13-in pan and bake according to package directions at 350 degrees. The cake will be a bit more dense than a regular chocolate cake, more similar to a cake brownie. Use Pillsbury® reduced-sugar Devil’s Food cake mix for this.

4. Try the above recipe with a white or yellow cake mix and Diet Sprite®. (Pillsbury® also sells a reduced-sugar yellow cake mix.)