Tara’s Acting Audition

My daughter, Tara Michelle Harris, nailed this video audition as Countess Almeria in a local 1920s film production here in Pittsburgh.

In this clip, Tara decided to also play the role of Countess Almeria’s nemesis, Helene Hoffman Cole, by pre-recording her own voice as that character and playing it back as she shared this fiery exchange with her. Needless to say, the director was blown away and actually wanted to hire both actors—and was stunned that the voice of Helene was also Tara’s.

When asked how in the world she was able to play two distinct characters so convincingly, Tara said—as with her cooking—she simply tapped into her (royal British) ancestry; it was effortless for her.

She is currently working with Director James Ahearn on an Agatha Christie-inspired film, a rendition of And Then There Were None. Tara is cast as the female counterpart to the legendary Justice Wargrave—an icy, unflappable judge.

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